About The Creators


Howard Hardiman is the writer behind Deeds Not Words. He has been self-publishing for about eight years and just had a major exhibition on display on the Isle of Wight all about Mythology. He has a couple of other books, The Lengths (Described as “Beautiful and gritty” by Out There Magazine) and Badger’s Day Out (“A charmingly ungraphic graphic adventure that understands the journey is the destination”Kieron Gillen), which are probably worth checking out (no, seriously. They are pretty good).

Sarah Gordon is the visual artist on this project. She has been self-publishing comics/working as an illustrator for about five years. Her latest book, Strip was short-listed for Best Comic of the Year at the 2015 British Comic Awards (“a singular piece of art”Starburst Magazine). When she’s not making comics, she can be found doing things like talking to scientists and making art reacting to their work or playing Dixit with her neighbours.